Puppy Health

From birth to around 8 weeks

All puppies are wormed at least three times, given their first vaccines, and are taken to the vet for a "well-puppy checkup". They come with registration papers from either AKC or APRI.  They are given their first puppy vaccine at 6 weeks old. We use The Puppyshot by Duramune which contains 4 different vaccines in one shot. Also at 6 weeks our puppies are seen by our veterinarian for a well-puppy checkup. He checks eye, mouth, heart, lungs, and joints. We only sell totally healthy puppies!

We feed Purina Puppy Chow to our puppies. They have all done very well on this food and seem to like it.


You many reserve a puppy with a $100 deposit. This will hold a puppy from a current or upcoming litter. Deposits are refundable until the puppies are 4 weeks old if you should change your mind or transferable if you don't find the puppy you want and would like to wait for the next litter. We will not hold a puppy unless a deposit is made.

It is first come, first serve with the pick of the litter. Whomever deposits first gets first choice of puppy. They can go home at 8 weeks old. Occasionally we will keep a puppy longer for someone if there are special circumstances but we cannot guarantee this.


Deposits can be made four ways. In person, Venmo, by mail or PayPal. First contact us by phone, text or email to check on the availability of the puppies. Be sure to tell us what breed, color, and gender you want. If there is a specific puppy, let us know by the number assigned to it or with an added description of size, color, etc.

Mail Deposit
If you would like to reserve a puppy from a present or upcoming litter, send a $100 deposit by mail to:

Arvin Schelhaas
551 110 Ave.
Pipestone, MN 56164

Please note that it would be best to contact us before sending your deposit so you can make sure there is a puppy available. However, deposits are refundable or transferable if you don't find the puppy you want and would like to wait for the next litter.

Venmo - Payment can be made to: 507-227-4118 it will come up as @Arvin-Schehaas

PayPal Deposit
If you would like to pay your $100 deposit using PayPal, please use the link provided (blue button "Make a Deposit With PayPal"). Our PayPal account email address is ourpups4sale@gmail.com  Note: There is no shipping, tax or handling charge.


Whichever way the puppy is delivered, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a time and place that works for all parties involved.

From the Farm
We often have people come out to our farm to pick up their puppies when they are 8 weeks  old. We are located in southwest Minnesota. See the map to the right.

Meeting Up
We occasionally make trips to Sioux Falls and the Mankato area with litters. We tend to coordinate these trips when we have more than two puppy going to the same area, it gets to be too much traveling for only one or two puppies at a time. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in doing this as we cannot guarantee this option for delivery.

We Are No Longer Flying Puppies
At this time, we are no longer transporting our puppies by air. New USDA regulations have caused us to change this part of our family business. We are considering applying for and purchasing the license in the future, at which time we will consider adding this service again. People are welcome to fly into Sioux Falls, SD and we can meet them at the airport with their puppy. If you are interested in this option, we can work with you on the details.